Help to Tell the Story of Medora Brick Plant

How to Help 

It's Pretty Easy                                               

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    Do you have images of the Medora Brick plant, people or artifacts?  Copies of those images, if they were to appear here, sure would help bring the story of the Medora Brick Plant to life.

Here's how you could help...its pretty easy.

Those people residing in Jackson Co. can have copies of their images made (photos, postcards, etc.) right in Jackson County without loosing control of your keepsake items. 

A few details . . .


  • Images of artifacts you may have (brick yard wheel barrows, bricks from the plant, etc. etc.)

  • Photo's in the brick plant setting especially sought 
  • The faces and names of those who worked at the plant would be terrific!!!


  • Black and white regular copies that the Staples staff would make behind the counter would be fine. 
  • Best but a little more expensive would be having them make the copy(s) on the color copier because that equipment copies at a  higher resolution - even for black and white photos.  
  • Please send the items in a large envelope to avoid folding and creasing the copy. 

Also include:

  • Please include in your mailing (1) explanation of the photo (2) identify clearly the people and their names (3) your name and contact information particularly email address.

 Please don't mail your keepsake items.  Not that we wouldn't treat them with utmost care and return them but - the US Mail isn't foolproof.  Don't risk it.  Please have the items copied locally as mentioned above. 

Thank you  for sharing and helping to tell the Medora Brick Plant story.